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I just finished reading Lust, Money & Murder – Books 1,2,& 3 by Mike Wells. This author painted a landscape of suspense and intrigue, characters with some real punch, and a plot that held my interest. After reading book one, I was disappointed to find it was a continued tale. Kind of like watching a TV movie for two hours expecting an ending, just to find out I had to tune in the next night to see the rest of the story! But I still had to buy books 2 and 3 — it was that good. I liked Elaine, she was feisty, and her determination to succeed was engaging. I wanted to see what happened next. I suggest you get books 1, 2 & 3 all in one. It’s a good read.


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  1. Four-and-a-half star review by Carol Carroll

    Hostile Witness by Rebecca Forster…

    The beginning of this book is intriguing. Even though it’s a bit slow to get revved up, when it does, you’d better have your seat belt on!

    The story of a troubled teenage girl being accused of murder, and a woman lawyer dealing with her own personal struggles while trying to help the girl she wants to believe in. The author painted scenes in words that tore at my heart and tightened my chest as I read on to find out what would happen next. Very good story, very ‘real’ characters, and attention-grabbing locations portrayed vividly… If you like a good mystery/suspense novel, this is a great read!

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  2. This one gets four stars from this reviewer.

    Murphy’s Rainbow by Carolyn Lampman…

    Anyone who enjoys stories that take place back in the days of homesteading for a place to make one’s own will find this book very entertaining. Main character, Kate Murphy starts out in a predicament that would do in a lesser female. Not our Katie! Her challenges seem to make her stronger and more determined than ever to make a new beginning. Her fortitude sees her through some tough times, and you never know just where things will lead her next. I like the characters, the situations, and the way it all ties together. A good read!

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