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When Victor Ackerman, the forty-two year old co-owner of a highly regarded architectural firm is found dead under suspicious circumstances, his partner is frantic to stop the rumors that could ruin her now shaky company. The police have all but given up on finding the cause of death. It soon becomes a case for the indomitable P.I., Aaron Blake, to delve into.

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  1. Inconclusive Death, an Aaron Blake Mystery by Carol Carroll

    Welcome! Aaron Blake ****

    It is such a relief to read a mystery story whose main character is well thought out and believable. Aaron Blake is that person. The book has the usual beginning of such stories—call it the “Guy Noir” opening—private investigator Blake gets a job at last. He is desperate for work, behind in his car payments, yet lavish with the meals he buys and tips he gives because he can bill them as expenses. But once our PI starts work, it is clear that this carefully written book comes from the mind of a master in the story-telling art. The plot is quite complex but most of the abundant side stories are wrapped up in some fashion by the end. The strange death of Victor Ackerman remains the dominant mystery however, and when the conclusion comes it is believable and satisfying. However, a good pace is always vitally important as an ingredient for success in detective mysteries, and while the first half of the book maintains momentum well, in the mass of side stories and characters that constitute the tale—to say nothing of the large and well documented meals washed down with so many Cokes that you would think iced water had never been invented—the book slows down, and loses its punch. Fortunately it recovers when Blake is punched in the nose; snowballed in the eye; his squeeze Sarah is roughed up; and his friend Pepper is shot. I liked the book for its lack of unnecessary bad language, and its carefully measured quantity of violence. It will appeal most to readers who enjoy detail of relationships, multiple plots, and an ice-cold—whatever.

  2. I just received Carol’s book in the mail and I am so thrilled. I can hardly wait to read the finished product. Carol, I am so proud of you for this great achievement. Congratulations, my dear friend.

    1. Thank you, my friend. Glad to hear it arrived. I hope you will enjoy reading it a second time!

  3. […] important, I’ll spend quality time with Marv. Everything else will just have to be patient. […]

  4. Hi Carroll,

    I just finished your book. What a delight! I enjoyed the characterization, the mystery and especially the suspenseful resolution. I was so involved in the story line that I missed your foreshadowing. As I was reading the book I was having visions of a good old fashioned murder/mystery and the cover does a great job of setting the stage. Your style in purposely omitting the normal graphic content and language is refreshing. I can’t wait for the next Aaron Blake Mystery!!

    Jana Eilderts

    1. Jana, Thank you so much for the thumbs up on my book. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the story! I’ll let you be the first to know, in Aaron Blake’s next mystery he’ll be investigating a missing person case. The teenager who lives next door to Aaron’s mother fails to get home one night after going to a movie with a friend. The girl is like one of the family to the Blakes. Aaron’s mother is nearly hysterical when she calls him to come help find the sixteen-year-old, Trish.

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