Show, Don’t Tell

New writers see the advice, Show, Don’t Tell, everywhere they look. What does it really mean, and why do it? Well, do it because it makes all the difference between a ho-hum novel and one that really pops!

Telling is just: She had blonde hair and blue eyes.
Showing is: He watched her walk toward him with a broad grin on her charming face. Her hair blew gently in the breeze, and he noticed the corn silk hue of it brought out the sky-blue color in her sexy eyes.

Which paints a better picture in your mind? That’s what showing is about. Use the words that create a picture in your readers’ minds. The more important the character or scene is to our story, the more detail we should use to describe them.

Here is a great article from Indie Book Promo by Rebecca Tsaros Dickson with more information.

“Show. Don’t tell.” What it means and how to do it.
Indie Book Promo is happy to welcome Rebecca Tsaros Dickson to the blog today. She’s here to share a guest post, “Show. Don’t tell.” Rebecca is a published author, editor and writing coach, to contact her or to pick up a copy of one of her books, please find the links at the bottom of the post.


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