How to get Retweets on Twitter

The Art of Getting Retweets
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

2 responses

  1. Get a life folks, TWEETING is for the birds! If you think that anything important will appear in that little window you are holding in your hand, you have SLE. I don’t mean systemic lupus erythematosus, but rather Seriously Low Expectations! Whatever seemingly earth shattering event or commentary that is announced in the tiny window, for tiny minds, will, in most cases, ceases relevance a nano second before the next bit of gibberish arrives.

    In addition, the above goes for Texting. If cell phones had been in existence when I was young, foolish and dating, the girls had better have worn penny-loafer shoes. The girl that I asked on a date that will cost me 19.9 cents a gallon for gas to get her to the movie house, where I will have to shell out 35 cents – each, for second run tickets or a whole halfa buck for an academy award winning flick. Not to mention the two 15-cent burgers, the dime bag of fries and the 10-cent Coke after; she damn well better be makin’ me the center of her attention!

    If she’s not? Rather than have a penny in the slot over the arch of her dainty foot, she’d better have a dime to ride the bus home, or use it to call and have father come to the rescue. Gentleman that I am (and was), I would have deposited the distracted damsel, some one that that chose to have more interest in what might happen on her hand-held phone than me, near a phone booth or bus stop.

  2. Twitter must be working for people. I don’t believe it could have grown so much in use if not. It’s not so much what is written on the little tweets, it’s the links that are important, and the viral capabilities. It allows you to get your information out to thousands of people you don’t know personally.

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