Polaris, why is it called the North Star?

polaris_big_dipper_little_dipper-e1341779459375Did you know that Polaris is known as the North Star because it’s location in the sky always points out the direction of due north? When people need to find their way to a destination, they can count on the bright star, which is pointed to by two stars at the end of the Big Dipper, to tell them where they need to go.

When headed toward a predetermined place, it’s necessary to know what route to take. Whether to a location or in business, we need good directions to find our way. Right now, I’m on a journey to market the books I write. I’ve never marketed anything in my whole life. So how do I find the right direction to follow? I’m going to look for my Polaris, the North Star, which will lead me to the correct path.

Where in the universe will I hunt for it? Right here in front of my computer. That’s right, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a clear night or a cloudy one. I can always find direction and tips from people in the know. Folk who have been where I am today, have found plans that work for them, and are willing to share their knowledge.

I’m told by the experts that I need a platform, a foundation to build upon. In today’s world that would be a website and/or a blog site. The places where I can connect with readers, a place where I can let people know about me and my books.

Readers can’t buy and enjoy books they’ve never heard of. The biggest obstacle is, it takes time. An author has to be tenacious enough to devise a plan and stick with it to fruition. So, I’ll keep reading and learning and following my Polaris until I get to the end of my journey. And I plan to enjoy the trip all along the way.

Picture of Polaris from http://earthsky.org/brightest-stars/polaris-the-present-day-north-star

Carol Carrol, author of  Inconclusive Death an Aaron Blake Mystery.



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