How important is editing?

 I am so grateful for the opportunity to get my books self-published. I don’t think I will live long enough to see the day the big guys will take a look at my novels. I realize the bottom line has to be the main focus for the traditional publishers. Competition is getting tougher all the time. They feel the pressure to stick with the old tried-and-true clients. That simply doesn’t leave much room for new authors to break into the book selling business, even ones with books that are as good or better than what’s already out there.

The biggest problem I see for the self-publisher is the writers who publish unedited, less than quality works. When I start to read an eBook with spelling errors, fragmented sentences, poor grammar and such, I cringe. I’m sure some I see are first drafts, sometimes people don’t even bother to run a spell check. 

Readers won’t settle for sloppy writing, and it reflects poorly on all writers who are trying to put their books out there. I hope readers will sift through and not give up on finding the wonderfully well-written works that are available. I’ve read a lot of self-published books that I enjoyed immensely. 

I believe I know what some of you are thinking. And yes, the cost of professional editing is indeed a factor for most of us new authors. Although it would be first choice, there is another way to get manuscripts edited. We meet other authors here on the internet through social media. We can find a couple that we can work with to trade edits with us. View samples of their manuscripts, and see what they do for your sample, before agreeing to trade edits. No one wants to rewrite for another writer, it would take too much time.

 They will see things we, as the writer, miss. It’s a big help in perfecting a story. And when the editing is finished, and all corrections are made, ask some people to beta read the story to pick up anything the editors may have missed. After making any necessary revisions, we can publish our book with confidence. 

Even the most well-known writers have their work edited. They know editing is crucial to publishing a good book.


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  1. I’ve down-loaded articles from newspapers articles to Microsoft Word and the editor lights up all the spelling and grammar errors.

    Editing is the key to success, pay or trade. In my case, I can do neither as I don’t have the money for one, nor the talent for the other. I need to find a plan ‘C.’

    1. How about bartering something you can do for edits? I feel sure your wonderful books will sell when you have them polished up. Don’t just sit there, start working on it! Big smile, Carol

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