My First Book Signing

Today I have my first appointment to set up a book signing.

Like with every other first I’ve been doing since I wrote Inconclusive Death, I’m traveling into unknown territory. It’s a little nerve-racking, but at the same time exciting to be learning more about marketing my book.

I’ve read on the internet about how others do a book signing, so I have a good idea how to go about it. I know I need to pick a place where and when there is high traffic, the more people coming through the better.

Then there is promotion. I have to get the word out and try to get people excited about coming by. That one I’m still working on! A press release could help. A few folks probably still read newspapers, right? Maybe I should give a free book to someone who calls into a radio station? The DJ gets a lot of calls when he has a freebie to give away. Posters, do people take time these days to stop and read a sign on a door? It can’t hurt to try it.

The day of the event, I’ll need an eye-catching display. I’ve never been shy. I won’t have a problem being friendly to the strangers who dare to look my way! I hope to have a few hours of fun talking about my book and what people like to read.

My biggest problem is I don’t know how to set up the book signing with the manager of the store. I hope he has done this before and has some guidelines that work for him! If not, I guess we’ll have to brain storm. I can do that. Wish me luck. I may need it.


8 responses

  1. You don’t need luck. You definitely have the ability to make it happen. You are an awesome person and a dear friend.

  2. Thank you, Sunny. You’re a terrific friend
    yourself. Your support is humbly appreciated.

  3. This is exciting Carol, I wish you lots of luck. You will do great.

  4. I’m back. I’m a bit disappointed. When the store director found out I’m an unknown author trying to sell my first published book he backed out. He’s afraid if he let one unknown do a book signing there, he may have every Tom, Dick, and Harry who has written anything requesting the same. But as soon as I establish a name for myself, he’ll be happy to do whatever he can for me. He said he likes my entrepreneurship. I didn’t even know I had one. Getting a foot in the door seems to be harder than I thought, but I won’t give up. I told him I’d see him again soon!

  5. Sorry about that Carol. I can understand the reasoning. You will be there one day. Don’t get discouraged.

  6. Yesterday I set up an open house – book launch at a neighborhood beauty salon. Ellen, the owner of Headquarters Style Salon, wants to do some promoting also. We will work together toward building our businesses. I sent a press release to the local paper. We’ll be sending out invitations for the social event and sweetening the pie with a drawing for a free permanent. I called the store director back to give him an update and asked if he would put some of my books in his book department. He agreed. It’s a start.

  7. You are doing what you need to do. Someday I am going to own an autographed book of a famous author.

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