Modern Technology, a time saver?

Why does everything have to be so complicated and time-consuming these days?

I was led to believe that all of this new technology is meant to save us time and work. Then why do I find myself spending hours to get things set up to use it? Yesterday I switched internet companies. That’s all, just wanted a new provider.

To begin this project, one day last week I spent considerable time holding on the phone to speak to a representative who could set up a new account and send out a tech to hook up the system. By the time I finished with the call, nearly an hour had escaped me. 

When the nice young man got here to switch the service, that job took another hour, or close to it, to accomplish. Then my engagement really started in. I had to take my old modem back to the owner. It took at least 45 minutes, since I had to wait in a long line to return it to them. My patience was beginning to wear thin.

Later, I had to set up a new security program on my computer, so it would be safe to use. A lot more time on the phone talking to the sales person, and then more downloads to figure out. Save this, run that; wait, wait, wait! My whole evening was shot. 

And to think, there was a time I would have relaxed in the front of my TV and been entertained on a Friday night!


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