Just who is Aaron Blake P.I.

Aaron Blake, known to one and all as simply, Blake, has been in the detective business since he started out as a homicide investigator with local law enforcement in 1988. Seven years later, he set up his own office where he has the freedom to work the way he chooses.

Blake is well suited to his occupation. He has a matter-of-fact attitude, he’s efficient, and never panics. He always thinks logically before he makes a move. Well, almost always! He’s professional, logical, attractive, in good physical condition, and he has the reputation of doggedly staying on a trail until a matter is successfully solved.

He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he grew up the eldest child of a young widow. Times were hard after Blake’s father died. At only nine years old, he tried to step into the role of man of the family. His childhood cut short, he was more adult oriented. He learned to be self-confident and conscientious. From his beloved grandmother he learned a solid value system and a positive attitude. His biggest fault is a never-ending tendency to be a perfectionist.

Blake stands six feet tall, weighs in at close to 200 pounds, has black hair, sky blue eyes, and a dark complexion. He sports a fine line scar on his chin, which gives his face some added character. His looks earn him a great deal of attention from the opposite sex, and a bit of envy from his peers.

Now, have you heard of the new super sleuth, Aaron Blake? He’s the new ‘go to’ man when there are issues that need resolution!

To learn more about this man of many facets, pick up your copy of Inconclusive Death an Aaron Blake Mystery by Carol Carroll. You’ll be glad you did!




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