November 2nd, already?

I guess you can tell that I’ve been pretty absorbed in getting my book published and marketed recently. It’s been on my mind most of the time lately. Now that the actual publishing is finished things will lighten up. I need to start my next book, but I’m taking a short break first. Writing takes a lot of time and focus too. And there is more to life than writing and selling books!

I have been seeing the reports of the New York damage from the storm. My heart goes out to all those people. Hurricanes are always terribly destructive, but when it hits that over-populated city it seems even worse. So many lives so terribly disrupted.

Can you believe it’s November already? Even though the weather feels like it, I can hardly grasp the fact that the year will be over soon. Marv will have vacation the week of Thanksgiving. Then he’ll be off two weeks at Christmas. For us 2013 is almost here! Didn’t it just turn into the year 2000?


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