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I’m Amazed

I was thrilled when I ordered my proof book from Create Space. I thought I was the next thing to having my books printed and for sale. Then I read the book. I could not believe how many small errors I found! I had gone over my manuscript at least a dozen times. I felt sure it was ready to go. But, I spent a big part of today reading the proof book carefully and correcting the nit-picky things I found. Now I can resend the new file. This whole procedure is much more time-consuming than I would have ever guessed. Self-publishing is not for the faint of heart. Authors really have to want to be published and then be tenacious about it.


Do book trailers sell books?

Do book trailers sell books? Well, do movie trailers sell movie tickets?
People must think so!

Virtual Bookstore

A bookstore right at your fingertips, 24—7? You bet! At Goodreads you can browse the shelves, read the descriptions, see reviews, and go to the seller’s site to read a sample. When you find a book that catches your interest, you can buy right then and there.

No driving to a brick and mortar building, only during business hours, in all kinds of weather. No burning expensive gasoline to get there. No waiting in lines to check out. The selection is endless! You can communicate with other readers and share your thoughts and ideas . What could be better for a true book lover/reader?

Check it out here, now.

Good to Know.

Since part of the joy of writing, for me, is to delve into different genres, this blog is very encouraging.

How do you feel about it?

How to get reviews for your book

A great video with helpful information for indie authors.

Here’s the link:

A Drabble

A drabble is story of fiction that’s exactly one hundred words in length, not including the title. It has to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. The purpose of a drabble is to encourage writers to express interesting and meaningful ideas without using unnecessary words.

Here’s an example:

 In just two weeks my true love and I would have celebrated our golden wedding anniversary. When we married it was our dream to grow old together… Who could have ever guessed how quickly it would happen! Sitting together on the veranda and watching our children; then our grandchildren, and later still, great-grandchildren run and play in the leaves that fell every November brought both of us much joy over the years. But this autumn I sit here on the front porch all alone, no young ones playing and no love by my side. I have lived too long.

Please write one and post it here to share with us.

Publishing a print book.

This experience turned out to be more time-consuming than I expected. I thought I had my manuscript all ready and only needed to get it formatted for Create Space. On first sight, the site seemed a bit overwhelming. A friend offered to help me out. Well, that took some emailing back and forth to get everything the way it should be. A learning experience to say the least.

But- today we finally got the file ready to go. I went to my Create Space account and suddenly it didn’t seem so complicated anymore. I have now submitted the book and I’m waiting to see the proof they make for me.

I’m pretty excited to be this close to having a print book done. I can hardly wait to hold one in my hands. 😀

Excerpt from Inconclusive Death:

Excerpt from Inconclusive Death:
“Mr. Blake, I’m looking for a good detective who can find out who murdered my partner, Victor Ackerman. The police are making a mess of it. They don’t seem to be able to find a thing that would lead to an arrest and conviction. For my company’s sake, I need this wrapped up as soon as possible.
Author’s view:
Karen Williams’ calls P.I. Aaron Blake to set up an appointment. She needs help and she hopes he’s the man for the job.

Twenty-five percent discount-

In honor of my cousin, Eloise Kim, who asked about a family discount :), I’m offering a 25% discount on the, Inconclusive Death an Aaron Blake Mystery, eBook from today until October 31st to all of my family and friends here on the website. Order the book here:
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Marketing Self-published Ebooks

For anyone wanting to market self-published ebooks this is a must read.

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